Letter from a side chick

Dear Main Chick

I know what I am doing is wrong and that no self-respecting woman would ever condone it. I may or may not know about you. Men and women are different, it is possible that your man does actually love you, in his own way. I know that I am just there for fun, pleasure and excitement. At the end of the day, I am less of a woman than you are, he comes home to you every night and most likely over compensates for the dirty he is  doing with me. I however, may have other men on the go or go to an empty bed every night. If you ever found out, I would be afraid of the repercussions. A woman calling me out of my name, maybe attacking or beating me up, I know I would have no leg to stand on. I may not even want him as a main lover, the same way he is using me, I might also be using him.

Some men talk to damn much, train your man to keep his mouth closed about your home affairs, I know too much and could use that to my advantage.

He does it because he can. The thrill and excitement of it is much more than the boring comfortable life he built with you. He knows the repercussions of it, but feels he might be the one to never get caught. He loves the touch, scent and experience of a new body. I’m his escape.

It’s nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. You may play dress up, do role plays have date night, but you’re still the one woman he has to be with all his life. As I said, its boring, he’s been there done that. Boys like new toys, he done


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